Micromonsta 2

12-voice dual polysynth

MicroMonsta 2 is a brand new synth design based on our critically acclaimed MicroMonsta synthesizer.

Despite the fact they share the same name, they are different in every way: brand new hardware with much more powerful dsp, upgraded switches and encoders, new low profile sexy aluminum enclosure, and updated algorithms. It is also USB powered and the output can drive a pair of headphones.

MicroMonsta 2 is easier to use and understand, while still retaining the power of the sound engine, upgraded with:

  • Bi-timbrality (2 different sounds at the same time)
  • 12-voice polyphony
  • Better oscillators (some of them FM-capable)
  • FM-capable filters
  • More modulation matrix slots
  • Delay + reverb (per timbre, yes, PER TIMBRE)

Coming soon…

MicroMonsta 2 is currently under heavy work and will be available Q4 2020.

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