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Introducing the MicroMonsta, now with firmware 1.1.1

What’s new?

  • MPE compatibility (Settings: Channel 1 = common, Channels 2 to 16 = notes, pitch bend set to +- 48 semitones, slide: CC1, relative unipolar or CC74, relative bipolar)
  • USB MIDI input (output still needs some work, currently only knob moves are transmitted)
  • Drone mode (if arp set to off and latch set to on)
  • Master Tune 432 – 445 Hz
  • Microtuning (SYSEX bulk tuning dump MTS support)
  • Long press on Load will set edit buffer to default patch
  • Save menu now displays destination patch name
  • Home/Load screen now shows small icons for chorder, latch (drone) and arp
  • CC7 support
  • SYSEX edit buffer implemented >> SYSEX format updated


  • 24bit output
  • Hotter output
  • More natural sounding pan algorithm
  • Improved encoder algorithm handler (less subject to encoder wear)
  • Tighter external MIDI clock sync
  • Sustain pedal behavior in mono/legato mode changed (vintage behavior compliant, sustain only latest released note)
  • Added a confirmation screen when saving system settings and manually sending edit buffer SYSEX file to MIDI out