DoubleDrummer Sample Helper Tool

This software can be used to build and send sample banks to the Audiothingies DoubleDrummer Drum Synthesizer.

Minimum system requirements

PC: Windows 7
Mac OS X: 10.9
1 free USB port


Unzip the downloaded file to its own folder. (You MUST unzip, running the application from within the zip archive won’t work).
You can put the folder wherever you want on your hard drive, but keep all files and folder structure intact.

Mac OS specific

When you first launch the application, recent Mac OS versions will prevent the app from running, as it is not signed.
There are 2 ways to allow the app to run, use one or the other:

1 – Ctrl + left click on the application, and choose open, and then when Mac OS asks if you want to open the app, click OK

2 – Or via command line

  • open Terminal
  • type: xattr -r -d <path/to/app>
  • do not write <path/to/app> in the above command, just drag and drop the app to the terminal window and it will fill the absolute path for you
  • hit enter, you can now launch the app as normal

Why should you do this, especially in Sierra:
It is not strictly needed on Mac OS < Sierra, but if you get a security warning preventing the app to launch, this is the way to bypass gatekeeper security warning.

Windows specific

Recent Windows versions might block the software from running the first time, you’ll just have to force the execution at first launch.

Basic usage

The software shows the 56 available sample slots.
Click the “L” button to open a file chooser for the associated sample slot. Click the “X” button to erase your selection.

3 types of sample slots are available, they only differ by their placement and size in memory.

  • red-ish slots are 250ms long
  • green-ish slots are 500ms long
  • blue-ish slots are 1s long

You don’t need to take care of the size of your samples as the software will truncate these for you (click-less, no worries).

Once your selection is made, click the BUILD button and follow the instructions

If a sample slot is empty, the software will use the factory sample, so to restore the default factory bank, just open the software, leave all sample slots empty and send the bank as is

File compatibility

wav and aif files, any samplerate / bit depth, they will be converted to the right format at the processing stage


The software is pretty basic:

  • No sample preview
  • No drag’n drop

DoubleDrummer associated limitations

  • samples cannot be renamed internally (bd4 will stay bd4 even if you send a guiro sample there)
  • the whole bank has to be sent even when changing only one sample
  • it only works via USB, MIDI DIN is not supported and don’t forget USB does NOT power the DoubleDrummer, so plug your 9V adapter too