DoubleDrummer firmware update

Updating DoubleDrummer is done by sending a SYSEX file to DoubleDrummer’s USB MIDI port.

Recommended software

Update procedure

  • Download the firmware update SYSEX file and unzip it
  • Connect DoubleDrummer PSU to a power source
  • Connect DoubleDrummer to an empty USB port on your computer
  • Press HOME + FX + LOAD buttons, and keep them pressed while turning on DoubleDrummer, then release
  • Your computer should recognize DD as a USB MIDI device, and
    “Firmware Update? Press 9” will appear on screen
  • Press 9/LOAD, the Flash memory will then be erased and
    “Waiting for Sysex…” will appear on screen
  • Launch your favorite software to send SYSEX files
  • Select DoubleDrummer as its USB MIDI Out port
  • Send the SYSEX update file to DoubleDrummer

The first LED will lit immediately after you start sending the file.
The other LEDs will lit (and show update progress).

The update should take around 2 minutes, when finished, the DoubleDrummer will reboot by itself


  • Firmware update cannot be done with the good old DIN MIDI port, only USB
  • Do not unplug DoubleDrummer while performing the update
  • If something goes wrong during the update, please try the procedure again