Introducing the P6 with V2 Firmware

A DIY 6-voice polyphonic synth | chorder | arp with 16-step pattern sequencer | FX’s

With 2 oscillators, 1 sub-oscillator, an 8-mode resonant filter, 3 envelopes and 3 LFOs per voice, the P6 is capable of producing a large array of classic analog-like sounds, pads, strings, brasses, organs, leads, basses, arpeggios, fx’s and even drum sounds. It’s also fun to play with is integrated chorder and arp pattern sequencer.

Check the other videos here

Thanks to the easy to use interface with 6 encoders and 9 buttons, you will find yourself creating sounds in no time.
Housed in a compact and stylish laser cut enclosure (several colors available), the P6 is a small-in-size but powerful-in-sound addition to your music rig.

NOW with enhanced V2 firmware and blue LCD screen with matching blue LEDs !!!

I love this thing! keep up the excellent work!
James (USA)

What’s new in V2?

Check this video explaining the main differences with V1

Specs (Firmware V2)

Polyphony: 6 voices

Multitimbrality: 1
Capable of 12 voices when polychained to a second unit

202 finely tuned presets


2 oscillators – 8 different algorithms each with a different variable shape
Sub with switchable shape (sinus, triangle, saw, square)
OSC1 and OSC2 can be ring modulated (separate input in mixer)
Filtered noise


8 different filter types:

  • 1-pole lowpass
  • 2-pole lowpass
  • 3-pole lowpass
  • 4-pole lowpass
  • 2- pole hipass
  • 2-pole bandpass
  • Notch
  • Phaser

The filter self resonates and can be tracked by the keyboard (Off, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)


Mixer inputs : osc1, osc2, sub, ring modulator, noice
Post voice mixer “VCA Drive” to adjust preset volume

Each voice can be panned independently


3 envelopes (ADSR) with optional reset at retrig
3 curves (p6 – the snappiest, exp, linear)
ENV1 routed to AMP, ENV2 to Filter cutoff, ENV3 to OSC2 shape

3 switchable shape LFO’s with delay, attack, phase control and BPM sync (sinus, triangle, sawtooth, square, s&h, random, 8-step sequence)
LFO1 routed to OSC1 shape, LFO2 to Filter cutoff

In addition to these fixed modulation options, a modulation matrix with 6 patch cords, 3 scalers and 1 lag operator is available.


ARP with Up, Triplet Up, Down, Triplet Down, Up&down, Random and As Played modes
Up to 4 octaves transposition
Can be used with a 16-step pattern sequencer to trigger different events


Adds up to 3 notes to the played note.
Allows chords to be played with one finger.

Key and scale settings
Choice of the added notes (From -1 octave to +2 octaves, in 7-note scale steps)


  • Stereoizer
  • Ping pong delay
  • Filtered Delay
  • Modulation Delay
  • Chorus/Flanger

1 global EQ (hipass/lowpass).


Audio outs (L/R) on 1/4″ jacks
9V DC input (center positive, 200mA min.)
Mini-USB port (for firmware upgrades)


The P6 uses a 32-bit microcontroller with floating point support.
24-bit 192kHz DAC
Sample rate: 48kHz
2×24 characters LCD
Bourns encoders
ALPS stereo volume pot


Sounds demos

Check out our Soundclound page for more audio demos.

I’m sold, how do I get one?

The P6 is available as a 100% thru-hole DIY kit including everything included to build it (pcb, components, cpu card, knobs, case, etc…), except the very common 9V DC adapter.
You will additionally need a soldering iron, some solder, basic soldering skills as well as the ability to follow simple but precise instructions (see the DIY soldering guide to check what’s involved).