MicroMonsta 2 FAQ

Where can I buy one ?

We only sell direct in our online store

How much is shipping to my country ?

You can get a quote directly in our online store

Does it ship with a power supply ?

MicroMonsta 2 is USB powered and ships with a USB cable only.
Any USB power adapter will work, as long as it is capable of outputting 500mA, that should be the case with all of them now.
This means that any USB PSU rated for MINIMUM 500mA should be OK (so 1A is fine).
However, we do not recommend using a USB-C compatible charger / power supply.

It can also be powered from a computer USB port, but in this case, pay attention to the fact that you can easily create a ground loop, and depending on your setup, this can generate noise on MicroMonsta 2 output. Solutions to this problems are: USB isolators on the USB side or ground loop isolators (line level DIs with ground lift) on the audio side.

NOTE: if you experience low contrast on the screen with a particular PSU, it means that its voltage output drops with current and it cannot supply the needed 5V (even if it is rated for more than 500mA).
Solutions to this: lower the contrast setting in system menu or use a beefier adapter.

Does it ship with a MIDI adapter cable ?

Yes it does, we supply a funky-orange colored 3.5mm TRS to MIDI adapter cable.
We are using MIDI standard A for connectivity (all new products should use this standard now), so if you have a MIDI keyboard with a 3.5mm MIDI (standard A) output, then you can use a 3.5mm TRS cable between the 2, no need for adapters on both sides.

Is the output mono or stereo ?

Stereo, on a 3.5mm TRS stereo connector

What kind of audio cable do I need ?

To connect MicroMonsta 2 to a mixer or a recording audio interface, we recommend using a 3.5mm stereo (TRS) to 2 x 6.35mm mono (TS) adapter cable, such as the Cordial CFY WPP line for example.
NEVER use 3.5mm TRS to 6.35mm TRS cable. These are meant to be used for balanced mono operation.

My B button doesn’t work / my B LED is always dimmed, is there a problem / I can’t load a program in slot B?

Absolutely not. This is done by design.
In monotimbral mode (or combi mode in “only A” mode), only the program A is active, the dimmed LED is there to show that program B is inactive (and that button B does nothing).

MIDI input doesn’t work, but USB input does

When connecting to DIN-MIDI equipped gear, make sure that you are using the provided TRS-MIDI adapter (or one that is type A, this won’t work with type B adapters).
When connecting directly (without adapter) to another TRS-MIDI equipped gear, make sure this one also uses type A standard, this won’t work with type B.

Some more explanations by loopop here: https://youtu.be/-3fkAsimPIs

I do hear a hiss/noise on the audio output when connected to a USB port / hub on my computer and a mixer / soundcard

You just created a ground loop.
The manual has a chapter on this issues with solutions to avoid this problem.

Can I L/R pan Pgm A and B ?

Yes, see SYSTEM menu, set audio output mode to dual mono.
Note that this will result in loss of stereo information on both sounds.

What are the differences between MicroMonsta and MicroMonsta 2 ?

What MicroMonsta 2 doesn’t have from MicroMonsta:

  • The p6 rz1, rz2 and rz3 oscillators
  • Envelope shape parameter
  • 8-step lfo, scaler (replaced by a way more powerful matrix) and chorder
  • MIDI Out / Thru port

What MicroMonsta 2 have that MicroMonsta doesn’t:

  • Updated oscillator algorithms, including some FM capable ones
  • FM capable filter
  • 3 oscillators, oscillator 3 being the FM source for oscillator 1 and filter
  • Per voice drive
  • The sound engine is voiced more aggressively (can be tamed in v2.1 with filter character setting)
  • LFOs can be free running, key triggered or per voice with optional one-shot for using them as additional envelopes
  • More modulation slots with more sources, negating the need for the MicroMonsta scalers
  • Bi-timbrality (play 2 different sounds at the same time)
  • Different play modes: monotimbral, bitimbral or combi
  • Combi modes: monotimbral, stack, split or multi
  • Chorus, EQ, delay and reverb per timbre
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Longer lasting switches and encoders
  • Headphones compatible output
  • USB power (USB B connector)
  • MPE mode (bitimbral capable) with user definable global pitch bend range

Are presets compatible between MicroMonsta and MicroMonsta 2 ?

Given the differences in the sound engines, the answer is no, they aren’t.

How can I save the SYSTEM settings?

2 ways of doing this:

  • load a sound by double tapping A or B (if bitimbral mode is active) OR
  • while in SYSTEM menu, hold SYSTEM button for half a second, nothing will be written on screen, but the SYSTEM settings will be saved