Doctor A

Stereo delay/reverb desktop fx processor with MIDI and CV inputs

SOLD OUT – We do not plan to build more


12-bit multimode modulated delay with TAP and MIDI sync
Vintage style multimode reverb with modulation
Stereo I/Os + MIDI input + 2x assignable CV inputs
Analog dry signal path with hardware kill dry function
High internal audio headroom (+19dBu, switchable to +7dBu for lower headroom applications)
4 memories to store and recall delay + reverb configurations

NEW in firmware V1.1

64 memory slots (8 “WSIWYG” slots + 56 full preset slots)
MIDI CC support (all parameters can be remote-controlled)
MIDI PC support

And the most important thing, it is easy to use, fun to tweak, and sounds great too…

Under the hood

Plastic conductive pots
Hi quality audio capacitors in the signal path (WIMA + Nichicon UES-series)
Long lasting switches
100% assembled/programmed/tested in France

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Sold with an external 9V power supply. Please choose your plug type from the dropdown menu.

Original price was: 316.00€.Current price is: 282.50€.

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