Doctor A (pcb panel)

Stereo delay/reverb desktop fx processor with MIDI and CV inputs

This Doctor A version is identical to the standard edition, except for the front panel, where we have used matte black PCB material (Gold plated, similar to some Eurorack modules) instead of the more expensive aluminum.

Its main drawback is that it can (in fact it will) have some slight production marks on it (small scratches, slight discoloration), and that’s the reason why we went for aluminum for the standard version. But the price difference is so big that we think it’s up to you to decide in the end.
Depending on how picky you are, it can be a big deal – or not – see pics for examples.

Front panel aside, both versions are strictly identical.


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Sold with an external 9V power supply. Please choose your plug type from the dropdown menu.
Make sure you read and understand the above text in the red box before you buy.

282.50 252.50


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