Micromonsta FAQ

What are the differences between P6 and Micromonsta ?

Assembled vs DIY: Micromonsta has a different PCB, optimized for SMT assembly, where the P6 had a DIY board. The schematics are not the same, firmware are not compatible.
While the UI is mostly the same, there are lots of changes internally: 8 voices instead of 6, a more capable pattern arpeggiator, more options for the LFO’s and modulation matrix, wavetable support, etc…
The oscillators may look to be identical but they’re not, they use different technology (or algorithms if you prefer), and there are lots of other small differences that make the sound more or less different.

What kind of power supply do I need?

We now supply switching (working from 100 to 240V)  PSU’s with 4 different plugs (EU-type, US-type, UK-type and AU-type), that should be compatible with many (if not all) countries all over the world.
However, if you have a PSU with the following ratings, it should be good too: 9V, 200mA minimum, center positive polarity, barrel plug, 5.5mm/2.1mm outer/inner dimensions.

How many presets does it come with?

Micromonsta has 384 available presets, with a bit more than 200 that are already programmed – and that can be overwritten of course.

Can the Micromonsta send / receive MIDI CC’s?

The whole sound engine can respond to MIDI messages (CC’s or NRPN’s), and the Micromonsta is capable of sending these messages when you turn the knobs (System Menu, set MIDI Out mode to CC).

Does it use pots or encoders?

Non-detended encoders with acceleration user setting.

Can I polychain more than 1 unit?

Yes, 2 Micromonsta’s can be polychained for 16-voice polyphony.
The master unit will take control of the slave unit, sending SYSEX and CC messages thru the MIDI Out port.

Can I send my own wavetables to the Micromonsta?

Yes, there are 30 available wavetable slots.
Each wavetable has 33 slices, slice length is 128 samples.
These 30 wavetables are stored in Flash memory (they are saved permanently).

Please read our wavetable tutorial

What are the Micromonsta physical dimensions?

18,7 x 11,5 x 6,5cm (L x l x h, inc feet + knobs)

Do you have a question not listed here?

Send us an email and we’ll get it covered 🙂